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"I don't know if you believe in this stuff, but...You have 'that sound'." Associate Professor Berklee - Henrique DeAlmedia


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Bob Levey, Homey The Intervention Band
Tracks: Autumn Leaves, Groovin' High, Israel, I Thought About You, Peri's Scope, Solar, Very Early, You Go To My Head, Beatrice, Lament, Lament.

Musicians: Bob Levey (drums), Justin Pfeifer(Piano), Ashton Taufer (Bass), Tim Fox (trumpet, Piano)

This is an album that the aficionados of bop will thoroughly enjoy. The ensemble gathered here are first class musicians who ply their trade with both joyful abandon and sensitivity. The session was done in a day giving it the feel of extemperaneous 'swing' as the glorious bands of Bird et al exhibited in the heyday of jazz. There is bop from top to bottom, with each tune carefully chosen.

"Groovin' High" is a prime example of jazz as it should be played. Pfeifer's piano opens matters like a cool breeze. Tim Fox wails in fine fashion weaving a message around the melody. Justin Pfeifer's joins in with a Powellesque solo. Bob Levey has time like a Rolex and his accents drive this tune along like a man on a mission.

"I Thought About You" Tim Fox says hello with a soulful and sensitive melody tribute to Mercer, Van Heusen and Leiber. Nice brush work by Levey with no undo frills. The bass solo has the sound all basses should have. This is a lovely tune done with all the respect it deserves....Mr. Peifer comps beautifully adding even more tasty chords to complete this gem.

"Peri's Scope" is a jaunty excursion into the land where bop resides. Fox trots in with another idea filled solo that sweetly swings. The drums back Peifer's offerings and the bass and drums stroll merrily along hand in glove.

"Lament" Like a susurrus the stimuli of Bill Evans is heard in Tim Fox's solo, which I define as perfection in form, the brushes add a lot to this song.

This is a CD that the true cognoscenti will relish along with the jazz litterati. It's beauty lies in the fact that the tunes are treated with the respect they deserve (as previously mentioned.) I would reccommend this recording with no hesitation. 5 Stars

Bob Levey - Drums

Bob Levey is the son of Bop drummer Stan Levey who pioneered the original Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie groups in the mid 40's and then went on to play with every major star in the music business from that period.

Bob in the 60's studied with many well-known drummers and went on to play with Jeannie Brown for both a year long engagement at The Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip and also recorded with her for the dance show "Boss City". She was one of the main stars of the Musical "Hair" in Hollywood California. He has played with Charlie Albertine (American Bandstand Theme), Jimmy Espinosa from "Thee Midnighter", Phenias Newborn Jr., Big Mamma Thornton, Joyce Dewitt from the show 3's a Company, Duke Mitchell singer, song writer, actor "Make The World Go Away", Bobby Nutcoff violin player with The Electric Flag Orchestra, and Neil Young's band Crazy Horse , along with many well known rhythm & Blues players and section and players. He played in a great young jazz group for about a year and a half with some young players who went on to have great careers, one being Ted Nash Jr. who performs with Wynton Marsalis in the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra. Also in that band was Randy Kerber jazz pianist and Hollywood film composer and arranger, Los Angeles and Portland jazz pianist Phil Goldberg and many more.

Before giving up playing music professionally to raise his family, Bob performed in many clubs in the L.A. area; "The It Club", "Marty's on the Hill", "Gazzari's", "Pandora's Box", "The Troubadour" etc.

Levey has also contributed to the world of Hip-Hop, most notably being sampled on the platinum selling "When the Shit Goes Down" by Cypress Hill and De La Soul's "Intro" on the hit CD "Buhloone Mind State". Bob recorded the original tune titled "Deep Gully" with the progressive Latin Blues group of the 60's "The Outlaw Blues Band". Other groups that have used this funky cut include Akinyele and Breakestra.

Since taking up the drum throne again, Bob has played gigs from the St. Regis, to Summer Festival concerts for Jazz Aspen Snowmass, to "The Ten Spot Series" at The Thunder River Theater in Carbondale, and also performed at the Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz Festival. Bob split the bill with Artt Frank, drummer with Chet Baker for 20 yrs, for a tribute to Stan Levey, his father. Bob also produced a series of concerts that featured the arrangements Cannonball Adderley's version of "The Fiddler on the Roof". Currently, Bob Levey and his "Intervention Band" has released the new CD "Homey". Homey is straight from the heart.

Tim Fox - Horns

Tim Fox graduated from the University of Wisconsin. He has played trumpet and/or piano in the Chicago area, in the Roaring Fork area, and on the road, with the likes of "The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra," under the direction of Buddy Morrow, with "The Temptations" and "The Four Tops," with Red Skelton, Barbara Eden, Connie Francis, Mitzi Gaynor, and with many more. He is a member of the Mesa State Faculty Jazz Quartet. Tim also facilitates the Roaring Fork Jazz Workshop. For more information, go to

Justin Pfeifer - Piano

Justin was drawn to the rich jazz harmonies found in Gershwin's music. He began studying jazz piano with Tim and later went on to study at BYU where he studied with Wilson Brown, former arranger and keyboardist for "The Lettermen." At BYU he played with jazz greats Nicholas Payton, Brian Bromberg, Cyrus Chestnut Marvin Stamm, Ed Calle and many other jazz idols. He won the jazz pianist soloist competition at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho. Justin played for Celebrity Cruises and afterwards moved back to Aspen, CO. where he performs professionally.

Ashton - Bass

Ashton Taufer was born and raised in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He attended CSU for two years before relocating to Boston, MA where he received his Bachelor's in music from the Berklee College of music. While he was at CSU he was a member of Jazz Combo I, Jazz Ensemble I, The CSU Orchestra and other various jazz/rock groups. Ashton returned to Glenwood Springs where he actively plays with a variety of groups.

"The album name Homey refers to coming home. We have to go back to our roots."

Charlie Shoemake - Teacher to some of the jazz giants. Music director for the Clint Eastwood movie "Bird", Now Music director for ..."The Sounds Of Shearing (George Shearing) under the direction of Charlie Shoemake."
You have no worries about doing anything that Stan wouldn't approve of with this cd. I'm sure that he would enjoy it a lot. I know I did. I'll tell you...if I was on the road and stopped off in Colorado and heard your group I would be impressed. It's extremely rare to hear music of this quality outside of the big towns. Surely you and your guys are the best players in your area.
Thanks again for sending me the recording.

My very best regards,

p-s In your 4's and also in your time keeping I heard your dad's influence and, and as you know, that's certainly not a bad thing.

The great Brazilian Drummer Henrique De Almedia who has played with Victor Mendoza on the Lettermen Show and many many Jazz stars:
"I really enjoyed your playing as well. One of the things about your playing that I remember enjoying was the amount of space you used when comping (left hand) behind the soloist. You did what Airtio Moreira said once in a clinic. He learned from Miles Davis: "you listen, and then play, and then you listen then play it..." Talk to you soon, Henrique

"I don't know if you believe in this stuff, but You have "that sound" when I first heard you in that Colorado Jazz Festival I asked the guys "Who is this drummer?" because it sounded like an old soul it sounded impregnated with tradition may be it is in your DNA?" Henrique

Louis Hayes, the great Jazz drumming legend, Horace Silver, Cannonball Adderlley, talking about playing a musical figure:
"You have to play it with feeling Bob, well you know about that"

Paul Barrare- vocalist/guitarist Little Feat:
"Cool Stuff. Really cool old-school jazz, my friend. Play on, brother. We received the Cd's. The music is wonderful. Thank you." paul

Scott Harper - KAJX and Jazz Aspen Board Member:
"Just had a chance to listen to the tunes you sent me. All I can say is Wow! You know it will get air time up here!"

Chad Anderson Cymbalholic owner:
Dear Bob Levey, You have received a new private message at Cymbalholic Forums from CHAD_ADMIN, entitled "Re: Giant Steps". "Bob! Man, I really enjoyed that! I downloaded the whole concert and then watched it on my computer here at work. I dug the in/out funky Little Drummer Boy! Actually I dug all of it. You've got that touch, which I didn't doubt that you had at all. I knew you'd have it!!! I was especially digging the trumpet player a lot...I enjoyed his solos and how the two of you sounded together. You play with such great sensitivity to the group dynamics. I'm constantly working to improve on that. Man, thank you for directing me to this! I wish it was on youtube also". "I appreciate your spirit...and I haven't heard you play outside of that great tune that De La and others have sampled, but I already know from your spirit that your heart is in the pulse of the music and because of that, I know it sounds great..... Peace and bright moments and thanks. Chad

Abraham Burton, sax player for Louis Hayes and Art Taylor:
The beauty is that I can see the importance of this music in your life, you are living it... I can hear the drive in your ride cymbal on Fiddler and I can feel the depth of your love in your sound... it's beautiful man, much respect my brother... Thank you for the package with the Cd's, the video, and the wonderful pictures (that will go up on my wall!) I very much look forward to seeing you again and hearing from you soon Take care my brother By the way, I don't have Louis's email but I'll give him a call and send it to you.
Peace AB (Abraham Burton)

Phil Goldberg, Jazz Pianist L.A. Portland Scene:
"Went to your music site and it sounds fabulous!"

Contact Information:
Bob Levey
"The Intervention Band"
0031 Duroux Lane
Basalt, Co 81621

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Hey Guys Bob Levey "Tasty Wolf" here eldest son of Be Bop pioneer and legendary Stan Levey

When I was starting out playing this music, a bit older than the average musician that starts this journey (about 16 yrs old) many people were put into my path to help me hone my skills (Dad's teacher's were Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie "Bird" Parker) mine were Leon Reubenhold, Victor Aleman and Philip Diaz or aka Philip John or Sleepy, these cats really helped me a lot I had many others that came later but this group the Outlaw Blues Band with their originality, fire and leanings toward the Jazz and Latin sounds really caught my ears.

They would always let me sit in at jam sessions; Victor was always letting me use his drums for gigs as mine were in the hock shops because times were tough and we were all just scuffling along to eat and pay our rent.

I learned a ton from this band and to get the opportunity to record with them was a thrill (scared to death at the time but wouldn't show it a lick).

Hence at this famous recording session Victor Aleman thought graciously as he always was "Hey I think Levey has got this one" so he motioned over to me and all the members nodded their heads, cool, lets do it. Also add to the tension and the mix the legendary producer Bob Thiele was in the booth, he had produced Coltrane and a list of other big jazz stars of his time. This made you think "man I make one mistake I am out of here. I was real real careful that I nailed it no second chances for me on this one and I knew it and I kind of sensed in my gut that this tune had one chance to because it was bit different for the time period. We see now with it's simplicity and being right to the point it became a trend setter

I was not going to let these cats down nor would I let the music suffer, they figured out the lines and I listened intently and figured out this little James Brown feel and Kick thing that I had been dissecting. My interest was to see how I could make a musical statement without playing or being to busy and just have the essence of what I was saying rather than a whole bunch of drum licks and fills. This is a style and concept I got from my Old Man, keep it simple and swing.

Anyway it all worked out the cut was used and it became very very famous, fast forward 40 yrs later people are still doing it and love it and I was glad to be a small part of its and the OLBB's success.

"Life has really got Rhythm"

Bob "Tasty Wolf" Levey

Tim Fox (Trumpet player for The Intervention Band)

We're very democratic. Someone will have an idea, and the rest of us will say, yeah, let's go for it. Bob's a strong supporter. First of all, he's a brother. He's not flashy, but he listens hard, like his dad. Bob has that drive-that aspiration-to do something valuable. These young guys, Justin and Ashton, were solid. You definitely can hear the classical influence in Justin's playing, and Ashton's sound comes out really clear. Clarity is his strength.

I, too, bow to my dad as my major influence. Our family sang every night-barbershop quartet. Dad played Count Basie stuff on the piano. The singing tradition of my family afforded me the path to improvising.

We were given a gift of recording time at the studio. There's something pretty risky about recording it all on one day. You're going to have to get in the groove-find that zone and tap in. I'm with Bob there. When those doors open, I try to acknowledge The ALMIGHTY

"Bring it on home."
Paul Barrare: Incredible singer, Song writer, Guitarist from "Little Feat"

More comments my long time great and I think Oldest friend (no one else could put up with me that long) Paul Barrare, incredible singer, song writer guitarist from "Little Feat" "cool stuff, really cool old school jazz my friend-and i got them either way, the mp4s are good as well as the wma's that play on quick time hope you and yours are all swinging"!


Stan Levey was one of our finest jazz drummers and was a key figure in the be bop era. Stan's fiery playing can be heard on countless recordings with the be bop pioneers, not the least of which is Charlie Parker, with whom Stan was a very close friend. Stan is alive and well today, and we were recently contacted by his son Bob, with the idea of restoring Stan's snare drum to its original state.

The drum is a 4x14 20s era Ludwig & Ludwig brass shell 6 lug standard snare drum, and the drum has an incredible history. Stan used this drum on countless recordings and also used it throughout the 60s. It can be heard on the soundtracks for TV shows such as Mission Impossible, Mannix, Batman and more. The drum sounds amazing, and should put to rest once and for all the often debated issue that 6 lug drums are only 'student model' drums and not worthy of true professional players.

When the drum came to us many of the parts were not original. Stan had replaced the top rim with a triple flanged variety; clips and tension rods were mismatched; the snares were held on with shoelaces, which is how Stan affixed the snares when no snare cord was available; and one of the tube lugs was broken.

Bob indicated to us that the broken lug was caused by Philly Jo Jones. Apparently, Philly Jo came into a club where Stan was performing and thought he'd take a shot at 'cutting' Stan on the kit. Philly Jo wasn't successful, but he played the drum so hard that he broke the lug, which irritated Stan to no end. He and Philly Jo were good friends, but they almost came to blows over this. Philly backed off, (which was a wise thing for Philly since Stan was a heavyweight contender).

For the restoration we acquired a similar drum from the same era for the lugs, tension rods and clips. We used chrome over brass hoops, and new snares. We also used a goat skin head for the batter. The shell, strainer and butt plate are from the original drum. Cleaning the shell was the biggest challenge, and the before-and-after photos shown here tell the story better than we can in words. The drum now looks and sounds remarkable, and we returned it to Bob recently and he and Stan were both thrilled.

Stan and Bob are now working on a documentary of Stan's career. I have been fortunate enough to see a brief portion of the proposed video and it is terrific. Stan and Bob are working to obtain the rights to more of the film footage of the era so that more clips of Stan can be used. Hopefully, Ludwig will get behind this initiative with Bob and Stan since Stan was a devoted Ludwig player and endorser for many, many years.

Also, check out Ken Burns' video series on the jazz world and you will see Stan providing a lot of the commentary about Charlie Parker and the be bop era in general.

The drum now looks and sounds remarkable, and we returned it to Bob recently and he and Stan were both thrilled.
Shelley Manne and Bob Levey

Melodic drummer and big influence on my playing, this shot was taken in 1953 when I first got to meet my Dad after a bit of separation due to life's circumstances. I worked at Shelley's Mann Hole briefly as a doorman.

Deep Gully Groove

Me at the orginal recording of Deep Gully with the Outlaw Blues Band in 1969 this later was sampled by De La Soul and Cypress Hill, Breakestra and several other very famous rap groups.

Pancho Sanchez & Bob Levey at Steamers Jazz Club

Bob with Poncho Sanchez at Steamers in Fullerton Ca.


Surprise! I lent Miles Tackett of "Breakestra" my timbales and conga's for a concert in Glenwood Springs Co and low in behold he was a big fan of my original "Deep Gully" groove and had recorded on his first cd.

Concert for Dad

An Evening of BeBop with Jazz Greats at the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. ( 9/23/2006 )
Musicians: Tim Fox, Bob Levey, Matt Cristuolo, Dennis Woodrich, Artt Frank

Dad: The "Original" Original

A New Jazz DVD Documentary Featuring Jazz Bop Pioneer Drummer 'Stan Levey' And The History of Jazz & Bebop From StanArt Productions